IVRC hosts successful Assetto Corsa premiere

Today’s IVRC STM pre-season test marked the beginning of a new era of IVRC, as the league held it’s first official event at Assetto Corsa.

After a successful debut year in 2018, the IVRC administration looked forward to expand the leagues’ offered series in 2019 and thus decided not only to continune the exciting TCC championship, but also taking steps on new sim-racing grounds with the Super Touring Masters series.

The IVRC Super Touring Masters will combine the best of both DTM and Super GT, using URD’s T5 2018 and JT5 mods, while balancing out the competition for even more on-track action.

While it’s heavily orientated towards DTM’s series concept, STM mirrors the usual DTM championships and weekend schedules, which contains a 7 minute Qualifying, followed by a 30-minute feature and a 15-minute sprint race.

Today’s test was aimed to be a stress test in terms of server performance and useability, but also to introduce the drivers to the weekend format and show where they stand in relation to each other. In terms of performance the server successfully passed the test, giving great feedback to the league’s administration. In terms of drivers’ performance it showed quickly that it will be a close fight between today’s test race winners Marc Stwerka and Carlos Frau for the top spots, but neither was any other driver far off the leaders times, so we’re now looking forward to a close and exciting STM season.

In case you’re interested in participating, we’ve got still some seats left! And if you’re still unsure what the STM is about, check out our trailer on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zbyu3YR79dw
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