IVRC staff interviews part 1: Martin Jatzek

German driver Martin Jatzek plans to fight for wins and podiums in the upcoming 2018 IVRC TCC season. Besides his role as team manager of MPG Competition, he’s also part of the IVRC staff and shows us a little bit of his position’s tasks today.

IVRC: Hi Martin, thanks for your time. Today we’ll ask you some questions about your positions in the IVRC staff.

Martin Jatzek: Glad to spend my time with you! Let’s get it started!

IVRC: So, what’s your exact position in IVRC right now?

MJ: Currently I’m the social media coordinator with focus on video and photo editing. It’s more stressing then expected, but I really love doing it.

IVRC: How was your Touring Car Championship pre-season so far and what do you expect from 2018?

MJ: My personal pre-season went way better then expected! To my own surprise, I got on the podium in every test race, which makes me pretty happy and shows that I’ll be able to win a race or two this upcoming season. There are a lot of potential winners in the field, in fact basically everyone, but I’ll surely count in as secret favourite. After all, my season would be pretty much a success if I can win a race, but I’ll be glad about consistent podiums aswell.

IVRC: Where do you see the league right now and how do you thing it will develop?

MJ: I think the league is pretty strong at the moment. We do have a really tight field for in the TCC, where everyone can show his abilities, which will provide exciting races for sure, as basically everyone can win. Also there is no other league in Automobilista like our TCC yet, which makes it pretty unique and thus is a must to drive in for every touring car fan.

IVRC: Thank your for your time and good luck in 2018!

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