roto2 Racing Team preview about 2020 season

roto2 Racing Team will bring a big squad for all IVRC competitions, including TCC, WEC, OWC and JTC. Pablo López joined last year at the TCC championship, scoring 5 podiums in 6 races and winning one of them. Unai Aguado also took a victory in Okayama, and Fran Rodríguez shew a constant good pace in races.

López created roto2 Racing Team for this season, and we had an interview with him to know a little bit more about them, a promising team aiming to fight best teams of the field such like MPG Competition, Repsol Swinegel and FRA Simracing.

Q: After your great job in TCC-2 2019 the last year, what goals do you have for this season and, do you think about racing the entire calendar to fight Marc Stwerka’s championship?

López: We will try to stay at front grid, it’s still soon to know if we can fight for the championship and end Marc’s domain, but one of our objectives for this season is to score wins.

Q: The JTC will introduce for first at the IVRC a “weight handicap” system, the same used in the real competition, where cars will get the championship points per 2. Do you think this rule will make an interesting championship?

López: The Weight Handicap can do things equally, but surely the driver talent will win.

Q: Is the first time you are going to race in GT500 spec car?

López: It’s the first time we will race the GT500, however, our team has experience racing in DTM, and also with championships using the weight handicap (however not the way many of us expected).

Q: You’re the only driver for roto2 in the WEC LMP2, after the bad luck in the last race, but still scoring points by getting more of 50% race length done, how do you face the last two races? Do you see yourself with chances to fight for the championship?

López: After Sebring DNF I see nearly impossible to win the championship, however I will try to improve my championship points and fighting for Interlagos victory, one of my favourites tracks that by differents circunstances I never could race.

Q: You bring a powerful squad for OWC, probably your main competitors for the teams championship will be MPG Competition and FRA Simracing, do you feel confident getting the Top 3 at least?

López: We are confident that our experience in other open wheel championships will help us getting top positions during this season. Even though, the calendar contain ovals, something new for us, and I hope for most of the competitors too.

As you can see, roto2 Racing Team is a promising team a we will have to take a look really close to them.

So, good luck to all of their drivers and thanks the team boss Pablo López for the interview!